Friday, May 16, 2008


I would love to travel more. I can honestly say that I have been many places in my lifetime, but there is so much more I want to see.

My parents took us camping a lot when we were kids. I have visited must of the Southeast United States including Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia. My first time on a plane was May of 1994 when I went to Washington, D.C. for my 8th grade graduation. My second time on a plane was in May of 2002 when I went to The Bahama's on my sister-in-law's High School Graduation trip.

Ben and I went to Mexico for our honeymoon, a cruise to Jamacia, Cozumel and The Cayman Islands in 2004, Pennsylvania and New York City in 2007 and another cruise earlier this year. Oh, and for our 1st anniversary we went to a cabin the Blue Ridge Mountains.

My absolute favorite trip was New York. I have wanted to go for YEARS and never thought I'd make it to be honest. Some friends of ours were living outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and we wanted to go for a visit. In three days we managed to visit Lancaster and Hershey, Pennsylvania for Amish buggy rides and a tour of the Hershey factory. Then we spent a wonderful, amazing, magnificent two days in New York City. And of course, Allie came with us. We rode the double decker buses around the city and saw as much as we could. We walked around Central Park, visited Ground Zero, drooled over the shops in Rockefeller Plaza and ate a few very expensive dinners. We stayed at a lovely hotel in Times Square. It was just an amazing trip. Allie behaved like an angel and did so good on the plane ride! She hung in there with us when we dragged her all over the place.

Me, Wendi and Allie in Amish Country

Ben, Me, Allie, Wendi and Shaun in the Hershey Factory

New York City!

Statue of Liberty

Ground Zero

Ready to go eat an overpriced dinner mommy!

Central Park

Rockerfeller Center

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