Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shiney's Birthday Party

Sheyenne's birthday party this year was as Skate Heaven.

To my surpsie, Allie loves to skate!

I think Ben had just as much fun as she did!

We did the Hokey Pokey.

Rode the horse.

Allie even decorated Sheyenne's gift bag with stickers. Notice her in the far right corner...eating.
It was a long day and the little one was pooped.
Allie and mommy
My mom and baby sister.
Back to work now. I must earn some extra money so I can by the brother-in-law a new pair of jeans.

Allie goes to the movies.

This post should probably be titled "Sheyenne's Birthday Movie", but you know me. I have to document Allie's first trip to the movies!

My niece's birthday was last week and she told me she wanted the movie Kung Fu Panda. Well, it's in the theatre. So I decided to take her and a friend and to bring Allie along. My wonderful mom also came with us.

The pre-movie photo. Allie knew we were going to the movies, but she had no clue what that actually meant.

So many theatres in Baton Rouge, but we chose the one by the mall.

She just wants to be one of the big girls.

With NeeNee waiting in line for popcorn.

With mommy.

She ate the ENTIRE time. I'm not kidding.

Post-movie photo. They all had a great time.

It went really well. The movie was really cute. There was a lot of fighting, so it wasn't exactly Allie's kind of movie. I was still impressed that she sat still as long as she did. I think we will try another movie in the near future.

Happy Birthday Shiney Bug, hope you had a great time!

Father's Day Weekend

Ben finally got the chance to go to Alexandria to visit his godchild Brody the Friday before Father's Day. I had to work, but Ben and Allie enjoyed their visit. I had a girls night with my sister and some friends. I would have taken pictures, but Ben had my camera.

The proud daddy (Shaun) with baby Brody.

Ben and Brody

Allie, Ben and Brody

Her Paran built her a tent on the couch.

And she tried to ride Duke the wonder dog.

The Saturday we got a great surprise. My sister and her hubby are expecting their first child in February. Congrats Brooke and Shaun! Then we went to a wedding and I forgot to bring my camera. Boo....

For Father's day we headed to the in-law's house for swimming and boiled crabs.

Of course Allie was ready to go!

Yummy crabs!

My hunny bunny.

Allie watching Strawberry Shortcake, she was pooped.

That evening I made loads of homemade lasagna (Ben's favorite) and all of my family came over to eat dinner and watch the LSU game. We had a nice time, but I was too busy to remember to take pictures. Boo again...

Friday, June 13, 2008

We eat, we take a bath, we sleep

Has anyone realized that this blog is simple an excuse for me to share as many photos of my daughter as possible? Here is a rundown of what we do in the evenings...

We eat dinner. Yummy steak and crash hot potatos.

We got get Allie to give her a bath, and she's STUCK!

Ok, all out and ready to go!

I can do this myself...

No daddy, I CAN DO IT.

Mommy, make him leave me alone...

Ok daddy, maybe I can use some assistance.

Thanks daddy, you are my hero!

Now, I can get my diaper off...

She even knows that it goes in the trash, too bad she can't pick up on potty training this easily!

Trying to moon me, how inappropriate.

Loving bathtime.

Simple lives we lead. It's the little things that make you smile. I should have gotten a picture of what she slept in...a shirt that is too small with unmatching shorts and striped socks. But she did it all by herself!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The love of a Grandparent

One of the hardest things I've ever had to do as a parent, was to drop my 10-week old infant off at daycare. Depressing. Cruel. Just really bad.
I feel better about it now that she is older. She loves going and has a lot of friends that she asks about. But one thing that has always made me feel better from the beginning is that my mom picks Allie up just about every day for me. She gets off 2 hours earlier than me, so Allie gets to spend lots of time with her NeeNee and Pop.

My mom takes her to the store and gets her treats. Wal-Mart is affectionately known as "The Icee Store", due to the Subway inside that offers icees. And of course she gets one every single time they go.

So what do they do with her until I arrive to pick her up. Which by the way, she usually fights me and doesn't want to come home...

The check out the flowers.

Spend lots of time outside.

My mom fixes her hair and she promptly pulls it out.
Allie cuts the grass.
Waters the flowers, which she helped plant.
It's a big job, but somebody has to do it.
They eat watermelon in the swimming pool.

And Pop always manages to get a few kisses out of her.

Thanks mom and dad for taking such good care of my baby girl! She is luck to have you both.
And so am I:)