Thursday, February 3, 2011


So, I suck at this blogging thing. I'm really going to do better from now on. Here are a few highlights of the past year since I've updated.

School is going GREAT. I just applied for the nursing program and I should find out in March if I am accepted or not.

2010 was a great year. Allie turned 5 and Kate turned 1. We took a few trip as well.

In January I turned the big 3-0 and was surprised with a NKOTB themed party to celebrate the occasion!

In February Isabelle Dru turned a year old and we had a monkey themed party at our house!

In March we traveled to Natchitoches, LA for Ben's cousin's wedding. It was beautiful and we had a great weekend.

In May we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by spending the weekend in New Orleans with my in-laws!

In July Ben celebrated the big 3-0 and Kate turned a year old! We celebrated with a cupcake themed pool party!

In August Allie started Pre-K, and has loved every single minute of it!

In September we went to Destin, FL for a beach vacation with The Morvants and Youngs.

In October Allie turned 5!! We had a spa party, that was also a sleepover for 18 kids!!!!

In December we went to Disney World (more about that later)!

This was a start for me to decide which events I want to back and blog about!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A fish out of water

Tomorrow I will head to campus to get my student ID, parking tag and books. Considering I'm 12 years older than the average college freshman, I anticipate feeling a little out of place. The head of the nursing program has assure me that their accelerated program is mostly non-traditional students, but I'm still nervous. Especially since this first semester is mostly pre-reqs.

I'm soooo excited about going back. I have a few school supplies and a new laptop! And I hope I never have to wear another pair of black dress pants again!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Oh my little Kate-a-bug. I can't believe she is almost six months old already. She has really found her hands lately and grabs on to everything in sight. She isn't a good sleeper, I guess that's my fault though. She likes to sleep in bed with mama, that's the only time she sleeps good. And this baby just LOVES her big sister. Allie can always put a smile on her face.

It's going to be amazing watching these two grow up together.
We just started her on solids. Her favorites are green beans, carrotts, squash, pears and peaches.
She isn't crazy about bananas, which is the opposite of Allie. That kid couldn't eat enough bananas.
She loves her toys, she got tons for Christmas. Her favorite is this spinny thing that plays music. She is teething, so everything goes straight to the mouth.

I might not get much sleep, get to eat dinner when it's warm, or take a bath in peace. But I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Allie Nicole

Allie is four now and I don't know where the time has gone. Seems like yesterday she was just a little baby.
She LOVES being a big sister. She has never said or done a mean thing to her baby sister. She always kisses and hugs her and wants to be around her.

Before Kate was born, I took Allie for a spa day. She loved it. Quite the little diva!

She loves to take bubble baths and she can pretty much bathe herself.

She is a spunky little thing. She doesn't forget anything. She remembers things that happened two years ago.

She was a little difficult to potty train. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed in December and is better. She was having frequent accidents. There was also a snoring problem, but I'm happy to say they are both resolved now.
Favorite foods:
She still loves Mickey Mouse and just about anything on The Disney Channel. She is starting to learn how to write her name. She knows all of her colors and can count to 10. Even though she isn't a morning person (like her mama), she will pretty much dress herself in the morning, including brushing her teeth.
Four years have flown by so fast, I wonder what is in store for us in 2010!

Time to revive the blog....

As 2010 begins, there will be many changes for our family in this new year. I need to revive my blog so I can keep up with everything!

A look back on 2009:
January: I turned 29. Nothing special there.
February: Isabelle Dru was born on February 5th. What a little sweetie she is! She is getting big so fast, I can't believe we are going to be celebrating her first birthday soon!
On the same day, we found out that we were having a baby GIRL in July!
March: I was lucky enough to attend TWO NKOTB concerts, one in Shreveport and one in Biloxi.
April: Allie's 1st dance recital. My little ballerina did a great job and loved every minute of it!
May: Ben and I celebrated our 6th anniversary, where does the time go?
June: Hmmm, nothing that I can really remember!
July: Ben turned 29. Kate Allison was born. What a joy she has been:)
August: We started adjusting to life with two kids. It was rough at first, but we are getting the hang of it.
September: Our first vacation as a family of four. We went to Gatlinburg, TN for a week.
October: I returned to work (blah). Allie turned 4, where does the time go?
November: We made some important decisions--more on that later.
December: Christmas, enough said!

I'm sure that's not everything, but it's a start. Our big decision is that I'm going to Nursing School. I will quit my stable, full time job to start school in just a couple of weeks. I'm pretty nervous about juggling it all, but I know I can do it. I have the support of my wonderful husband and family.

Looking forward to 2010:
January: I turn 30 (barf). I start school!
February: Isabelle Dru turns one! My cousin Nichole and I plan to participate in our first arts and crafts show.
March: Ben's cousin Emily is getting married!
April: Allie's second dance recital. The guys go to the Talladega for the NASCAR race.
May: We celebrate our 7th anniversary.
June: TBA
July: Ben turns 30. Kate turns one!
August: Allie starts pre-K!
September: family vacation to Destin
October: Allie turns 5!!!!
November: TBA
December: TBA

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sisterly Love

Allie loves her baby sister. When she wakes up each morning, the first thing she wants to do is see her. She loves to give her hugs and kisses and tickle her. She does a great job helping give her a bath and change her diaper.

I hope it keeps up, she seems to be adjusting really well. Too good to be true almost! Here are a few photos of the girls.

Kate Allison

Better late than never.....

Kate Allison was born at 12:25 on Monday, July 20th. We arrived at the hospital around 10:00 am to get prepped for surgery. The section went great and Kate was perfect. She was smaller than I expected, since I had an ultrasound 10 days earlier and they estimated she was 6 pounds and 9 ounces. So we thought she would be over 7 pounds by birth!

The rest of the day was a little fuzzy since I was so doped up on morphine for the pain. We had tons of friends and family there to welcome Kate, but nobody was more excited than her big sister!

I was in a good bit of pain for the rest of the day and we managed to get some sleep that night. Tuesday brought more visitors, less sleep and more pain. Luckily we were discharged Wednesday.

It's been an adjustment, having 2 kiddos to take care of. Kate is a good baby, but sometimes Allie gives us a run for our money! But we wouldn't change it for anything:)