Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doing our part to stimulate the economy

We have been talking about using some of our stimulus check to help stimulate the economy. We really wanted to get Allie a swing set and Allie really really wanted us to get her one. Ben wanted to build one, I tried to talk him out of it, he tried to talk me into it, we dropped it. Then we started talking about it again, I tried to talk him into a small plastic one from Toys R Us, he tried to talk me into building one, I tried to talk him out of it. We dropped the subject. You get the point. Yesterday when we got home, Allie saw Niki outside on her swing and wanted to go over and play. Then of course she threw a fit when we tried to get her off. Isn't it obvious, she really needs her own swing set.
Soooo, off to Toys R Us we went. They didn't have the one we were looking for, so we went to Academy. And there it was, just calling our name. Allie loved it. She loved the slide, the swings, the chalkboard, everything about it. Of course the price wasn't on it, we were hoping to spend around $300, but this one was $600. You know what comes next, Daddy pulls out his wallet and it's ours!

We have three big boxes on our back patio waiting to be put together. Allie is beside herself with excitement! And don't let us fool you, we are too!

And of course Daddy wanted a present too, a LSU National Championship football!


Nanny said...

Yay! Peanut got her swing set...good job Allie :)

Sonnie-Boy said...

Allie got her swingset, Ben got his football and Uncle Shaun got West Nile Virus....What gives? HAHAHA Just picking. I can't wait to play on the swing!!

P.S. Ben hit me!

Pablo (Uncle Shaun)

NeeNee said...

Lollipop you sure know how to get what you want ----- if mom & dad says no - you know who to ask ----
Love you--