Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Other randoms about me

My very best friend in the entire world lives in Hong Kong. We met over 10 years ago when we worked at the same restaurant during college. We just clicked and that was it. She got married in 1999 and I was in her wedding. When I got married in 2003, she was in mine. We both got pregnant at the same time and had our girls just three weeks apart. We think they are destined BFF's. Cindy and Tim also have their own website.

Last year at this exact time we were in Fort Walton Beach, Florida with them. Cindy (that's her name) had a cousin that was getting married there, and her husband married them. How cool is that? Anyway, her husband wrote us months in advance asking if we would be able to make a family trip to Ft. Walton to surprise Cindy. Of course we said YES! And then Cindy started asking us to come down and I had to put her off, which was NOT fun. She simply doesn't take no for an answer. But the look on her face was worth it when we pulled up in front of the resort and surprised her! We spend a wonderful 5 days with them and it was a great and relaxing vacation. Our condo was right on the beach and right next door to theirs. The wedding was way over by then, so it was just us.

Cindy, Tim and Lillian

Allie and Lillian

My little beach baby!

Allie and Lillian sharing a banana

I work at a law firm. I'm the Marketing Coordinator and I do enjoy my job...most days. I'm still not quite sure how I got here. A while back my manager said that she too just "fell" into this job. There is always something fun going on. I'm not the best writer and I'm not always the most creative, but I get the job done. I really enjoy events, that's probably what I'm best at. I usually remember the little details that are easy to forget. And I like to step back the day of and see how it all comes together. And I love my co-workers, I think we all work really well together. And my hubby is an electrician. So that's how we pay the bills!

Some of my favorite things
Reading, sleeping, long baths. I love to cook, but we are trying to eat healthier so I've haven't been cooking so much lately. I love going to the movies. Some of my favorite shows include Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas (boo, it was cancelled), American Idol, Army Wives, Ugly Betty and ER. My favorite actor is Josh Duhamel (HOTTIE) and I love Country Music. My favorite place in the world is New York City. I've only been there once, but I really want to go back again. My favorite foods include french fries, mom's chicken and sausage gumbo, broccoli and bananas. I don't really care for animals, but I'm trying to find a yellow lab puppy for my hubby for his birthday. We had a yellow lab, but she passed away last July.

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Tim said...

Well how sweet is this. Thanks for starting my day off tear eyed. I am so glad you started this. I can also never thank you enough for making my 30 b-day the BEST EVER. I was actually quit depressed this b-day haha nothing could top the 30th... love you xoxoxo Cindy