Thursday, May 7, 2009

Allie's 1st Dance Recital

Allie's first dance recital was on April 25th at the Baton Rouge River Center Theatre. She did GREAT. She had a blast and has already stated her wish to return next year. We were so proud of her.

We couldn't take any photos during the performance, but here are a few of her after the show. She received tons of flowers, and a few presents. Thanks NeeNee and Pop for the jewelry box, Nana and PawPaw for the bag full of goodies, Nanny and Uncle Shaun for the ballerina movies, Paran Shaun and Aunt Wendi for the doggie. Thanks to JuJu, Paran Shaun and Aunt Wendi, Nanny and Pallas, and Aunt Shannon for the flowers!

Opening her jewelry box at dinner.

Family photo that includes Baby Kate!

With Saylor, don't they look so grown up!

NeeNee and Isabelle

And a BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS thanks to my mom (NeeNee) for taking Allie to dance all year. Without you, she wouldn't be able to go. I love you mom!

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