Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting...Izzy

Brooke and Shaun missed their one-year anniversary on February 2nd cause she was in the hospital. So nearly a month later, they decide to venture out to dinner to celebrate. And I got the first babysitting job. Well, it wasn't an easy thing to get let me tell you. I had to fight my mom for it!

I was excited to see how Allie would really react to another baby in the house, one that would surely require all of my attention at some point. I also wanted to see how I would handle everything. It went really really well! Allie was quite the helper and delighted to do anything I asked her to.

Ben stole her from me pretty quickly. He's a baby hog.

Staring at her Uncle Ben.

Allie being silly.

Uncle Ben getting Izzy to burp.

Full belly, happy baby.

Allie actually took this picture.

Allie just loves her cousin Izzy!

Allie enjoying the burgers daddy made!

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Anonymous said...

Izzie told me she has a blast last night