Friday, August 8, 2008

Wyatt Joseph

My husband has 3 godchildren. How unfair is that? So I was THRILLED when Jennie and James asked me to be their new baby's godmother! Then my sister asked me to be her baby's godmother! Soon I will have TWO!

Baby Wyatt Joseph was born on July 22nd. He was a couple of weeks early, but is perfect. I've got to hold him several times, feed him and he even pooped on me when I was trying to change him.

With mom right after he was born.

With Nanny!
Doesn't Ben look good with babies? Does anyone else think we should have another one?
Wyatt and big sister Abby (who turned 2 yesterday, Happy Birthday Abby!)
Allie would make a great big sister....


2MonkeysMom said...

HAVE ANOTHER ONE BRITT!!! I wanna be a NANNY!!!! I'll NEVER be a NANNY!! I have NO godchildren to SPOIL!!!!! :( Boooo HOOOO!

Lollie's NeNe said...

Time for another for sure--