Monday, June 9, 2008

Lovely Weekend

I wish we had more weekends like this one. Quiet, lazy, nice.

Saturday we took Allie to Ben's parents house to go swimming. Brooke, Shaun and Sheyenne joined us. We had a nice time, but it was hot!

Enjoying the pool.

Trying floaties for the first time...she wasn't a fan.

On the way there, Brooke and Shaun did a quick dumpster dive and got this monkey out of our neighbor's trash can. (what am I gonna do with them?) Needless to say, the monkey provided us with lots of entertainment throughout the day!

Shiney and Allie

My hubby doing a belly flop.

Allie and Shiney laying out.

Allie and her Nanny getting down.

The monkey got some sun too.

And had too much to drink...

Sunday Jennie and James came over to watch the LSU Baseball game with us. Allie and Abby had a good time playing as usual.

James swore that turning his hat outside in would bring better luck for the Tigers. He was right!

Allie got to indulge in one of her favorite treats last night for being such a good girl all weekend. Ice Cream!

Probably should have given her this before her bath...

We also had a big bbq Saturday night for the LSU game, but I was so busy cooking and cleaning, that I didn't take any pictures.



JulienDavid said...

William has a Curious George monkey. It is supposed to blow bubbles. William dunked his in the tub, s now we just use it for entertainment..kinda like Shaun does, that what David does. We submerge George and then revive

The Broussard Family said...

cute pictures

curious george cracked me up!

Sonnie-Boy said...

I think Im changing George's name to Robert. They are just alike...neither can hold their liquor!!!