Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Allie goes to the movies.

This post should probably be titled "Sheyenne's Birthday Movie", but you know me. I have to document Allie's first trip to the movies!

My niece's birthday was last week and she told me she wanted the movie Kung Fu Panda. Well, it's in the theatre. So I decided to take her and a friend and to bring Allie along. My wonderful mom also came with us.

The pre-movie photo. Allie knew we were going to the movies, but she had no clue what that actually meant.

So many theatres in Baton Rouge, but we chose the one by the mall.

She just wants to be one of the big girls.

With NeeNee waiting in line for popcorn.

With mommy.

She ate the ENTIRE time. I'm not kidding.

Post-movie photo. They all had a great time.

It went really well. The movie was really cute. There was a lot of fighting, so it wasn't exactly Allie's kind of movie. I was still impressed that she sat still as long as she did. I think we will try another movie in the near future.

Happy Birthday Shiney Bug, hope you had a great time!

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Awww how cute are those pics :-