Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our (very short) Destin Vacation

Thanks to Hurricane Gustav, our vacation was pretty much ruined this year. We were all so excited about our trip, we've had it planned since February. But mother nature had other plans for us. We decided to go anyway, knowing that a hurricane was likely heading towards us. We were mostly worried about not being able to get back home if New Orleans was hit the way it was back in 2005 during Katrina. We headed out early Thursday anyway and decided to make the best of the time we would have.

Me, Ben, Allie, mom and dad left on Thursday. We stopped in Ponchatoula to get Sheyenne and got to Destin around 5:00. Our condo was gorgeous, and right on the beach. We had 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms...what more could you ask for?

Beautiful views

Very early Friday morning the rest of our crew joined us. We hit the beach right away. Even though it was Labor Day weekend, there weren't many people around. I guess they were smarter than us and decided not to chance it with a hurricane in the gulf.

The pool was huge, we spent a good deal of time there too.

Rocky got to put his little feet in the sand for the first time. Then my parents realized they could get a $500 ticket for having him on the beach, so off he went...

Saturday the girls went shopping for a little bit while the guys headed across the street to watch the LSU game. Due to the hurricane, the game was moved up and we weren't able to catch it in the condo.
Once they got back most of us decided that it would be best to head out that night. They were starting the contraflow early Sunday morning, and we might not be able to get back home. Looked like Hurricane Gustav was headed straight for Louisiana.
We tried to enjoy the rest of the day at the beach. Truth was we were very angry that we had to leave and barely enjoyed our vacation. We were out a lot of money and heading home to face a hurricane.
Looking back I wish we would have just stayed and came home after the hurricane.
Maybe we will try again next year.

The ride home went fine, we made it in just under 6 hours. I love Destin and wish we could have stayed longer.

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2MonkeysMom said...

EVEN though it was SHORT....I sure DID enjoy the HECK outta IT!! Everybody HAS to come back NEXT YEAR!!! I'll let ya know when I start to book again ---