Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas trip to Natchitoches

The weekend before Christmas we headed to Natchitoches, Louisiana to see the Christmas lights. I've never been before, it's a quaint little town with tons of charm...and not much else. If you have ever seen the movie Steel Magnolias, it was filmed in Natchitoches. My parents, sister and hubby and Sheyenne, and my in-laws all joined us.

Anyway, we made reservations months ago so we could check out the lights. Our old neighbors live nearby, so we met up for lunch at a local favorite spot. It was a very nice time.

At lunch.

Then we walked around downtown, visited some shops and just hung out. The weather was beautiful, it was a little warm for December.

My dad always makes the weirdest faces...

Sheyenne spent some time jumping.

When the sun went down, we staked out a spot to watch the fireworks and admire the lights. We all had a good time.

Allie and the foot-long corn dog. Can you believe she didn't eat it all?

Beautiful lights along the river.


Lollie's NeNe said...

Meany - Meany

2MonkeysMom said...

LOOK...its the GHOST of Ne Ne :)