Friday, December 12, 2008

Sneaux Day in Baton Rouge!

It doesn't snow in South Louisiana. It just doesn't. So imagine our surprise when we woke up to this yesterday morning:

I got Allie as bundled up as I could and we went outside to play in the snow. She didn't like it as much as I hoped she would. When we went out, it was still snowing, so I think it was a bit much for her. She developed a bit of a cough afterwards, so I didn't take her back outside again.

Down our street.

Allie's swingset.

The front of our house. You can see Mickey "sleeping" on the front lawn. Allie was worried that he was too cold.

Across the street.

I was trying to start a snowball fight.

It didn't really work.

Our little snowman.

She had about enough at this point. I didn't have any gloves for her and her little hands were freezing.

Mama, I'm freezing!

All in all, it was a good day. I don't expect we will see snow again for another 10 years at least. So it was good while it lasted!

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